Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Technical Expert Network (“TEN”)?

TEN is a global expert network. We give our Experts tools to promote themselves, connect with their peers and engage in consulting opportunities and receive payment through our web platform. We build communities of individuals with like technical backgrounds.

What is the difference between an Expert and a Customer?

Experts are field and subject matter experts as identified by the community – professional and academic. Customers are individuals and corporations looking to engage Experts in consulting activities.

Does TEN charge its Experts for membership?

No. Expert membership is free of charge.

What do I get as an Expert member?

Expert membership gives you access to paid survey and consulting opportunities. You also get an optional “web presence” where you can elect to share your background, accomplishments, resume, and links to your work. Additionally, our web-platform enables you to receive payment via Moneybookers and PayPal for consulting work.

How am I paid as a member of TEN?

Customers hire Experts for consulting opportunities through our web platform. Experts are typically interviewed [through the platform] and then hired by a Customer for a negotiated amount (variable depending on task). TEN acts as middle man and holds the amount in escrow until the task is complete. Upon completion of the task, the Expert is notified that there is money available in his/her account. Money can be withdrawn by Moneybookers or PayPal directly into the user’s bank account.

How long do I have to transfer my earnings from my TEN account to my personal financial account?

As a practical matter, Experts have as long as they wish to access their TEN remuneration. However, TEN reserves the right to automatically transfer an Expert’s earnings to their personal financial account after giving at least thirty days notice to the Expert. If TEN has not been provided with the necessary information from the Expert to make transfers of funds to the Expert’s personal financial account, TEN reserves the right to remove and keep the funds previously placed in the Expert’s account after providing at least forty-five days notice of such intent to the Expert’s contact email address provided by the Expert to TEN .

Why do you require Experts to provide personal information?

TEN collects personal information from its Experts in order to match them to consulting opportunities. Personal information provided remains confidential and is used only for research and customer suitability analysis purposes, with the exception of that information an Expert elects to share publically. How personal information is used is covered in detail in our privacy policy.

If I give TEN permission to release my profile information to a customer, how will I be contacted?

Initially, TEN customers contact Experts through in-system messaging (email). However, they may elect to hold subsequent meetings via, electronic chat (i.e., Skype) telephone, or may even schedule face-to-face meetings with Experts. Sometimes, Customers may hold conferences and invite Experts to attend.

What is my “Public Profile,” and why does it matter?

Your Public Profile is the information that you provide to TEN which TEN makes available for public view. Public visibility is a default setting Experts can turn on and off in the “My Profile” section of their account manager. Public profiles give Experts a “web presence” where they can share their expertise. Please review our privacy policy for more information on how we use your personal information.

How do I update or change my TEN personal profile information?

If your contact information has changed, simply log into your account and update your personal information in the “My Profile” section.

How did you find me?

TEN utilizes purchased lists, referrals and web search techniques in order to identify potential Experts.

Who is eligible to join TEN?

TEN Expert membership is open to all individuals who are at least eighteen years of age or older. Membership in TEN, however, is no guarantee that you will be considered for paid opportunities. All Experts must be screened through methods such as unpaid surveys in order to determine their eligibility for paid opportunities.

What if I decide that I no longer wish to be a member of TEN after I have already joined?

You are free to cancel your membership in TEN at any time. Simply log in and in the “Account Info” section, uncheck “enable messages”. This will effectively remove you as a member.

How will I be notified of survey and other opportunities?

We will contact you only by the email address you provide us upon your registration. We will only use other methods of contacting you such as by telephone after first receiving your permission via email.

Generally, how soon after I join TEN can I expect to be contacted by TEN?

Depending on the industry group you register in, you can usually expect to receive an unpaid survey request within the first thirty days after you register. These surveys are designed to gather more industry specific information on you for consulting opportunities and to gage your level of interest in assisting TEN in its research activities. Please be honest and thorough in your responses.

Why do you ask for telephone contact numbers?

We ask for telephone numbers as telephone contact is the preferred contact method of some of our customers. Providing your telephone number is not required for membership in TEN, but may be required for some paid opportunities.

How am I eligible for paid surveys?

In order to be eligible for paid surveys, Experts must have a 100% complete profile (as indicated by the profile completion gauge when logged in to your personal account). This consists of the minimal amount of information needed to match Experts to opportunities. Experts with incomplete profiles may not be considered or eligible for paid opportunities.

Why are some surveys unpaid?

Generally, unpaid surveys are offered as a way for TEN to gather information from its Experts in order to pre-qualify them for paid opportunities. The thoughtful completion of these surveys by Experts also demonstrates an Expert’s willingness to participate in TEN paid opportunities. All TEN customer sponsored surveys will be offered as paid opportunities.

What happens if I choose not to take a particular survey?

If it’s a paid survey offered by a customer of TEN, you simply will not be eligible to be paid for that opportunity. If it’s an unpaid survey offered by TEN, non-completion of the survey may keep you from being offered certain paid opportunities, but will not affect your ability to remain a member of TEN. We often send reminder emails about survey opportunities which you may just ignore if you are not interested in participating in that particular survey.

How does TEN protect my personal information?

TEN uses SSL encryption for both expert and customer logins. All information is housed on TEN servers and is never placed in a shared environment. Sensitive areas of the site may also be placed under SSL encryption wherever TEN deems necessary.

How Do I Check My Account Balance?

To check your account balance, log into your account. Click the "Consulting & Jobs" tab, your balance is visible in the blue menu bar.

How Do I Withdraw Funds from My Account?

To withdraw money from your account, you must have a Paypal or Moneybookers account. Using the associated email address: 1. Log into your TEN account 2. Go to the "Consulting & Jobs" tab 3. Where it says "Moneybookers," click "Click here" - enter the email address you used to set up Moneybookers and save. Your account is now connected. 4. Go to the "Withdraws" tab. Select withdraw all or a partial amount and hit "Withdraw". The money will immediately be transferred from your TEN account to your Moneybookers account.

Forgot Your Password?

No problem. On the login page, click the "Forgot your password?" link and enter your email address. Your password will be emailed out to you with a login link. Forgotten Password

Refer Experts

Your TEN platform offers you the ability to easily refer experts and track the percentage of their profile completion. We even have a feature that allows you to select multiple contacts at once from your address book. To access this feature, go to Contacts --> Send Invitations. Here is an overview.

Where is My Account Balance?

Your account balance is visible in your account. Login --> Consulting & Jobs --> Consulting
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